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Maria & Philippe first met in 2013 in a tango studio in Berlin and since then have developed their own dancing style. Taking classes together, they quickly realized they have similar interests what they want to know, discover and develop in tango. Together, they offer individual and group coaching, workshops, drop-in classes, performances for business and private events, as well as special projects.



Since Maria’s childhood, dance (ballet, jazz dance, flamenco, African dance) and theatrical and film drama accompany her life.
Movement and theater pedagogy are also part of her experiences. She also incorporates elements of yoga and salsa in her body work and teachings.

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Philippe has a 30-year background as a “movement artist” in the performance art field. He shown his works internationally on various festivals as well as business and cultural events. His artistic education, which includes mime, african dance, physical theatre, mask, improvisation, acrobatics and various martial arts, is a wide source of inspiration for his teachings. Skilled in slow-motion, he developed a very deep sense of body consciousness and presence.

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